Sam Vermeylen (BE)

As the first International Master to graduate at READSEARCH, my graduation project revolved around reviving quality stencil typefaces by creating a new design system. The system incorporates a three-dimensional environment which gives shape to different font variations. This graduation project was selected for ‘Week van het Ontwerpen’ in 2017 and ‘De designklas van 2017’, a selection by Flanders DC Magazine of the 25 best graduation projects from over 600 in total.

The International Master at READSEARCH has my sincere recommendation for students looking to push the boundaries of type design and typography. I came into touch with different design topics and found a field of design I was most drawn to. From here on out, the course provided me with interesting subject matter and feedback which encouraged me to different ways of thinking. This led me to the subject of my own graduation project. Ann Bessemans has shown herself to be an impressive mentor and I feel like the READSEARCH environment has had a direct impact on the quality and success of my work. The thesis is available here >


Janneke Janssen (NL)

Currently following the International Master

Jong-Hyeok Kim (KR)

Currently following the International Master

Liesa Vanhoutteghem (BE)

Currently following the International Master