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We are delighted that you are interested in studying at Hasselt PXL-MAD. The Master of Arts in Visual Arts of the Graphic Design Department at PXL-MAD (Media, Arts & Design) welcomes applications for the English typographic Master programme ‘Reading Type & Typography’ (one year - 60 ECTS).

The course revolves around experimentation and research, in which thoughts and actions are in constant interplay with each other. We see ourselves as a vibrant and dynamic space, in which we offer the perfect environment for international students to continue their academic career, and for emerging typographers/designers to develop professionally. Programmes are being organised so as to facilitate encounters between Flemish students and English-speaking students in informal contexts, in courses, seminars and in studio projects.

PXL-MAD offers academic master programmes and academic research with a critical look at the future. Our academic master programme will help you acquire a critical understanding of the creation and perception of contemporary typographic design. PXL-MAD is constantly inspiring its students, professors and researchers to strive for innovation by means of experimenting in an academic and international context. Our student-centred approach to teaching helps students become professional artists and designers who are confident and self-motivated. In this way, we are facilitating the independent learning of researching artists and designers who innovate in an imaginative way and who help to design and rethink an ever changing environment.

The increase of interest in type design and/or typography – which happens in contrast with other areas of design and/or scientific fields – is seen as an inspiring starting point that is constantly questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards design for reading both on traditional media and in contemporary digital times.

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Faculty & Teaching Staff:

dr. Ann Bessemans

– Tutor and READSEARCH researcher

– Programme director for:

* the MA Reading Type and Typography

* the BA Cluster Typography

dr. Geoffrey Brusatto

– Tutor and researcher

Maarten Renckens

– PhD READSEARCH researcher

dr. María Pérez Mena

– READSEARCH researcher

Luc Rerren

– Senior tutor

Monique Rutten

– Tutor

Johan Vandebosch

– Senior tutor and studio leader

Katleen Verjans

– Tutor

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Timing, application and registration

Each Belgian academic year starts in the middle of September and finishes at the end of June. Concrete dates will be provided during an enrolment.

Candidates for a master or transition programme need to register, which can be done on this page >. Possible candidates are selected based on their former education and their portfolio.

For financial information about the tuition fees, we refer to this page >.

At the end of this international Master, a Master Diploma is provided.

Contact & Info



Elfde-Liniestraat 25

3500 Hasselt


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International Master of Arts in Visual Arts

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