Kevin Bormans

Kevin Bormans holds a MA in Graphic Design. Being fascinated by letter shapes since his teens, this passion was further fed and sharpened during his higher education by dr. Ann Bessemans.

His graduation project, which dealt with regional accents in speech in Flanders (in type design and graphic design) for which Ann was also his supervisor, was elected for the national exhibition ‘Week van het Ontwerpen’ during the international biennial in Kortrijk (BE) in 2014, and was a part of ‘De Klas van 2014’ by the Belgian design magazine Kwintessens. This project led to a PhD within the research field of visual prosody.

During his stay at READSEARCH, Kevin first worked as an assistent of Ann before starting his own PhD. This PhD focused on differences in the utterance of prosodic type parameters between introvert and extravert children through and influenced by gradations of these parameters in text. Kevin was also involved in a European COST action (E-Read) on reading in the digital age.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Kevin left READSEARCH with mutual understanding before finishing his PhD, and wishes all current and future members all the best.

Thom Janssen (Interim)

Thom Janssen holds the bachelor degree in Graphic Design and the master degree of Type and Media of the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK).

He loves the combination of type and technology. The relatively new variable fonts gave new opportunities of exploration, building workflows, prototyping, experiments with complex designspaces, and much more.

His enthusiasm in these disciplines was picked up by READSEARCH. From January 2018 till June 2018, Thom assisted READSEARCH on various projects during the mother leave of Ann. After that, Thom moved to Berlin to join LucasFonts as a font programmer.

Jong Hyeok Kim (Internship)

Jong-Hyeok Kim holds a bachelor’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in Graphic Design. Last year he also graduated with a visual/autonomous art work within the master Graphic Design course at KASK in Gent, Belgium.

In between these two degrees he worked as a graphic designer in South Korea, the United States and Belgium.

Now he’s challenging himself again to study the international master program 'Reading Type & Typography' at the University College PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt, Belgium. He is eager to develop knowledge on typography in order to understand better the core of graphic design. Also, he hopes that his study and internship – about visual prosody within the Korean Language — at READSEARCH would be a foothold to expand his (typographic) art and design projects in the future.

Milda Kuraityte

Milda Kuraityte holds BA degree in Graphic Design and MS degree in Communication Design. At this moment she is doing her PhD at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon in the field of Graphic Design.

In her research, M.Kuraityte combines fields of Typography and Psycholinguistics. M.Kuraitytė runs experiments by using an eye-tracking system and stimulus of Kinetic Typography.

Research “Tracking Kinetic Typography” run by M.Kuraityte aims to understand reading experience on screen and preferences of the readers by implementing different categories of Kinetic Typography.

M.Kuraityte also works with two COST actions, E- Read and ELN, where she is actively collaborating with other researchers and participating in Short Scientific Missions.

Liesa Vanhoutteghem (internship)

Liesa Vanhoutteghem holds a BA in visual arts and is currently following her Master of Arts (MA) at the PXL MAD in Hasselt, Belgium.

Her interest in typography started in early graphic design classes in high school and expanded to the point of pursuing a college education, starting out with graphic design and illustration. Inspired by all sorts of handwriting, hand lettering & calligraphy in her first year, she signed up for a class in typography taught, by Dr. Ann Bessemans.

A curiosity for type design grew and slowly illustration muddled in with typography and a passion was born. Through the years she made several of her own lowercase type faces, under supervision of Dr. Ann Bessemans. As a part of her Master of Arts Liesa is working as an intern within READSEARCH in a project concerning visual prosody.


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